The Ride

One Girl

One Camera

One Motorcycle

10,000 Solo Miles

36 Survivor Portraits


"When they finally come to destroy the Earth, they'll have to go through me first."  -OK GO


Photo by  Lyndsey Garber

Hello Loves,

I'm Lauren. I ride my bike and take photos.  Last year I rode 10,000 miles across America raising funds for survivors of domestic sex trafficking.  I partnered with The Rebecca Bender Initiative and together we raised nearly $60,000 for survivors.  I stopped in over 30 cities to photograph American Survivors.  The mission was to show them how beautiful and worthy they are of celebration.

Those survivors touched my heart in inexplicable ways. Now I am on a full time mission to raise awareness for the movement to end the sexual exploitation of American women and children.  Join me because its a crazy ride and its easier if we do it together.


Lots of Love,

                       Lauren Trantham

                                              "The Women's Photographer"


Before the Journey

After the Journey