Rebecca Bender Initiative


Rebecca Bender Initiative is committed to changing the mindset of our culture by equipping front-line advocates and communities on issues that affect today’s culture, and assisting victims of sex trafficking in finding true freedom through individual restoration and empowerment.


RBI's Vision is to see a world free of exploitation, where all people can go after their dreams with zealous abandon. We desire to help all people reach their dreams, knowing that their past does not have to define nor determine their destiny. By creating innovative and culturally competent programs, we are able to provide direct services to victims of sexual exploitation and assist those who are working the front lines in finding them. By participating in a multi-media approach, we can radically shift the way culture sees the issue of commercial sexual exploitation in America.



The EPIK Project

The Epik Project was founded in 2012 as a response to the horrific reality of people being bought and sold for sex against their will.

Since then EPIK has become a national leader in the anti-trafficking movement. To date they’ve disrupted over 74,000 attempts by men intent on purchasing another human being for sex and they’re now poised to reach 100,000. They do this with volunteer men who are well trained in the realities of sex trafficking and communicating with buyers at the point of purchase. These volunteers are the heart and soul of The EPIK Project and they’re making a difference!

Epik uses technology to disrupt the purchase of human beings for sex at the point of sale. By functioning as a highly trained and sophisticated neighborhood watch program they are able to provide law enforcement with specific information related to the illegal activity of prostitution to assist them in their efforts to also combat sex trafficking.

They have men trained and mobilized with chapters across the country.


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